Pastoral Council

St John’s Pastoral Council is a group of people from the parish community who have been appointed to provide visioning and goal setting for the parish.  We identify strategies to carry out our parish mission, and communicate this mission to the whole community. Members serve for 3 years, with no more than 1/3 of the members rotating off in a current year.


Meetings are held in the parish hall basement the fourth Wednesday of each month. The Council determines its action agenda for the coming year at an annual retreat in September, as well as prioritizing 3 year and 5 year goals. Members are assigned to different work groups to work on the action agenda plans, but all members are involved with each plan. View the Council's current work plan.


We’re your Pastoral Council so please reach out to us with a question or some feedback- we are here to serve the parish and parishioners of St John’s. We meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 in the church downstairs hall; anyone is welcome to attend.


Current Pastoral Council Members


Diane Amyot

Andrea Horowitz

Cathy Kittle

Ann Vehlies

Rachel Stead- Trustee

Connie Smith- Trustee

New Members Needed

The Council is looking for new members. If you'd like to help vision and guide St John's parish, please consider volunteering yourself or nominating someone you know. Contact the St John's parish office at 518-758-9401.

Prayer for Pastoral Council

You have called us to be the servants of your servants, our brothers and sisters in the parish. We meet here as their representatives and so we ask for the grace of your guidance to help us truly represent them and not simply ourselves. May the needs of our parish and the common good of all be our concern, and above all, may Your will in these matters be our will. Help us who serve in leadership to remember that all of our concerns are aimed at the spiritual transformation of our parish community. And may the Holy Spirit who inspired the Pentecost meeting of the Apostles visit and grant us the light of divine wisdom. We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Town Meetings for Action Teams

We NEED you! The Council held several town meetings to discuss our work plan and get volunteers to help organize the  implementation, including forming a capital improvement committee for fixes to the church. hank you to everyone who joined us. We will be in touch with everyone who signed up shortly.

Survey Background and Results

The Pastoral Council conduced a parish survey in December 2016. They compiled the parish survey results and copies were available at each church entrance the first weekend of March 2017, as well as on the parish website and Facebook page. They held three focus sessions on the six areas of the survey, gathered suggestions and drafted recommendations for Father George.

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

As members of your Pastoral Council, we take our roles as servant leaders very seriously, as we fully understand that we are charged with the important work of representing the congregation in making recommendations to Father George. We also recognize that while we seek continuous improvement for our parish, this cannot occur in a vacuum. In order to know the direction we need to go as we move forward, we need feedback from those we serve – you, our friends and neighbors at St. John’s.

Keeping this in mind, we spent many hours developing the survey we administered to all of you in December. We very carefully considered each statement and question, analyzing the type of information we hoped to learn by including it on the survey. We hoped to gain insight by eliciting the wide variety of perspectives represented by the many parish members, with a focus on the six major areas of parish life.

In their book, Thanks for the Feedback, Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen identify three types of feedback: appreciative, coaching and evaluative. We found all three in our results. Understanding each of the three types helps us to situate the feedback and identify what needs to be done to move forward. While the appreciative feedback is the easiest to receive, the other two types also provide important information. We will continue to carefully examine all of the feedback as we use the results of this survey to guide our continued work.

All of the feedback has been summarized and compiled into an executive summary, and we invite you to review it. Copies are available at the front and rear entrances of the church, as well as on the parish website and Facebook.

The next steps for our work include meetings with small groups of parishioners to review the survey data and comments, and provide additional feedback. Each of these “focus teams” will develop an action plan and make a recommend to Father George. Look for more information on this to come, but we will be looking for parishioners to participate and share their thoughts about our parish in greater detail.

We sincerely thank all of you who took the time to fill out our survey, especially during the busy holiday season. All of you who responded clearly put a great deal of thought into providing feedback, and for that we are appreciative. We know that our collective efforts will continue to move us all forward.


St. John the Baptist Pastoral Council

St. John the Baptist