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The Elves are a social and community service group for the Parish. They meet weekly on Tuesday mornings 9:30 AM- 11:00 AM in the lower lever of the church to make items to sell at their holiday boutiques. For additional information please call the office.

Dear Friends,


Please, get out your cookbooks, your needle and thread,

make fruit cakes and aprons, and bake us some bread.

It’s Christmas sale time you must surely remember.

it soon will be the tenth of December.

Check your jewelry, your toy chest, look over your shelves,

for all kinds of trinkets to help Santa’s Elves.

This year we hope Santa Claus will be here,

and we’re planning a grab bag to add to the cheer.

So make us a wreath or a candle or bell,

Let’s make the hall sparkle with things that we can sell.

Call all your friends, all the lasses and lads,

there’s something for everyone, even your Dads.

The meeting this year needs you.  Won’t you come?

It may sound like work, but you’ll find it is fun.

Whatever your talent, whatever your gift,

We need you so much, so give us a lift.

It’s everyone’s sale so do what you can

But, please, let us know so it’s part of the plan.

If you can’t come that day, it will be a pity

So pick up our phone and call the committee.


Written by Mary Rutherford, November 1966

    one the original Elves




St. John the Baptist

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